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Meet The Model Sophia Huffman

Sophia Huffman Sophia is a Wife and Mommy.  Her Husband Kyle and daughter Kendee would probably tell you they think she is pretty AMAZING!  Sophie is the sweetest women.  Her favorite food is tacos and coffee because we all know that is a major food group.  She is a registered nurse and is a member of the Rounders Drill Team.  She might be a little  busy!!  Her favorite song is Free Falling by Tom Petty.  Words she lives by Proverbs 3:5-7.  I asked her to share something that was on her bucket list and she said riding her horse on the beach was a must. Her favorite thing about The Roan Pony is the FUN jewelry and pretty dresses.  

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Meet The Model Katelyn King

  Katelyn King Meet TRP Model Katelyn King.  This little cutie is not only the perfect model she is a all around Cowgirl. The real deal folks!!  She is also the one of the kindest people I know.  Her parents are good friends of ours. I know they are proud of her.  Katelyn came rolling in to the shoot with goodies of her own to spice up the photo shoot and make her TRP outfits her own.  We all LOVED it!  Because that's our GOAL at TRP to make you feel good in your own skin/clothes and she ROCKED it!   Katelyn King Katelyn attends NEO A&M college on a rodeo scholarship.  Her Parents are Doug and Elizabeth King she has 2...

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Hi!  I am Shanna the owner of The Roan Pony Boutique.  Thank you for stopping by and checking out my website and blog.  I thought my first post should be about my story and why I do this. I am a teacher by day and while I absolutely love teaching, I also LOVE fashion. I knew somehow I wanted to incorporate my love for fashion into my life. I researched all of my options, fashion blogging, fashion influencing, and having my very own boutique.  After lots of praying and a long time dreaming. I felt a boutique was the best fit for me. Mostly because I like to help others and I felt that this was a way to EMPOWER women and...

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